23.09.2016 FRIDAY

9.00-09.50       Opening Ceremony

Welcome address

Suresh Rattan ” The future of ageing: not more of the same…”

Session 1: Ageing and Longevity

09.50- 10.20  Bruce Carnes “How long must humans live?”

10.20- 10.50  Arnold Mitnitski “Ageing: from empirical facts to computational network modeling”

10.50-11.00    Ana C. Carvalho “Hormetic induction of antioxidant defences by phenolic diterpenes for promotion of a healthy ageing”

11.00- 11.20   Coffee break

Session 2: Genetics and Epigenetics in Ageing

11.20- 11.50    Claudio Franceschi “Genetics and epigenetics of centenarians and semi-super-centenarians”

11.50- 12.20    Maeve Rea “Living long ageing well: is epigenetics the missing link between nature and nurture?”

12.20- 12.50    Antonello Lorenzini “Genomic stability in the evolution of body size and longevity”

12.50- 13.20    Eline Slagboom “Human ageing and familial longevity, the role of the (epi)genome”

13.20-13.30    M. Liset Rietman “Identifying candidate biomarkers for different frailty domains in MARK-AGE”

13.30- 14.15   Lunch

Session 3: Immunosenescence and Metabolism

14.15-14.45     Graham Pawelec “Immunosenescence and cancer”

14.45- 15.15    Jacek Witkowski “Immune ageing: are changes regressive, progressive or both?”

15.15-15.45     Vadim Fraifeld “Mitochondria: friend or foe?”

15.45-15.55    Lauren Quinn “Investigating the effect of age on T cell trans-endothelial migration”

15.55-16.20     Coffee break

Session 4: Ageing and Disease Overlap

16.20-16.50    Lioyd Demetrius “The etiology of aging and age-related diseases”

16.50-17.20    Helen Griffiths “Eating to cheat ageing – fact or fiction?”

17.20-17.50    Anita Jagota “Understanding aging of biological clock : a step towards good health and longevity”

17.50-18.20    Katarzyna Wieczorowska-Tobis “Frailty syndrome: possible preventative approaches”

18.20-20.30     Poster session with cheese and wine

24.09.2016 SATURDAY

Session 5: Intervention in Ageing

9.00-9.30        Tomasz Biliński “Principles of alternative gerontology”

9.30- 10.00      Zsoltt Radak “ Is physical exercise an elixir?”

10.00-10.30     Gurcharan Kaur “Intermittent fasting dietary restriction ameliorates age-associated decline in brain plasticity'”

10.30- 11.00    Dariusz Włodarek “Neuroprotective effects of the ketogenic diet”

11.00-11.30    Coffee break

Session 6: Cellular senescence

11.30-12.00    Günter Lepperdinger “Aging in stem cells: lessons from bone-derived mesenchymal stem cells”

12.00-12.30    Pidder Jansen-Dürr “The role of protein quality control systems in UVB-induced premature senescence of human skin fibroblasts – from basic mechanisms to translation in skincare”

12.30-13.00    Krzysztof Książek ”Senescence of peritoneal mesothelial cells from a mechanistic and clinical perspective”

13.00-13.10    Florence Debacq-Chainiaux “Transcriptomic study of fibroblasts maintained at a reduced oxygen concentration until replicative senescence”

13.10-13.20    Anna Bielak-Żmijewska “Sirtuins, a potential target of anti-aging activity of curcumin”

13.20-13.30    Grażyna Mosieniak “Diminished ROS signaling due to NOX4 downregulation leads to senescence of human vascular smooth muscle cells”

13.30              Closing Ceremony and Lunch